About Timiș
The place where culture and industry thrive

Timis is the best place to discover beautiful sceneries, nature trails, surprising historical monuments, and ancient traditions. Timis also has a varied cuisine, and you can also discover a famous vineyard, where you can go for a wine tasting.

Timis County is multicultural, and is an example when it comes with many ethnicities living together.

Frequently referred to as “Little Vienna,” the capital city of the Timis County, Timisoara, is the home of a year-round musical and theatrical performances, art galleries, museums and a buzzing nightlife. A progressive, cosmopolitan place, Timisoara was the first city in Europe and second in the world after New York, to use electricity to illuminate its public streets.

Timișoara, the county capital, produces machinery, textiles, chemicals, and leather goods. Deta and Mănăștur are timber centres, and other building materials are manufactured in Cărpinis and Jimbolia. Textiles and foodstuffs are produced in Lugoj, Sânnicolau Mare, and Buziaș.

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About Timiș
Economy And Tourism

The county ‘s economy is strong and diversified, supported by the industrial tradition, the favorable geo – economic position and the highly qualified labor force, of western culture, advantages that are confirmed today by the numerous presence of investors, local and foreign.

Tourism in Timis County is represented by a diversified, multi-storey natural potential, from the flat peaks of the Poiana Ruscai Mountains to the Timis Plain, by the variety of fauna and flora. The picturesque mountain area, the springs of mineral and thermal waters, recognized everywhere for their healing qualities, the rich hunting and fishing background, as well as the variety of elements of folk art architecture, folklore provide tourism offers for everyone’s taste.

Interesting stats about Timiș
Timiș in figures
Area (Square Kilometers)
Population Density
GDP (Millions US$ - 2015)

Timiș is a county located in the western part of Romania, in the center of the historical province of Banat, and it covers an area of  8,697 sq. km.

The county’s population is rated to approx. 683,540 inhabitants, with a density of 78 inhabitants / sq. km.

At an administrative level it has two municipalities: Timisoara(county seat) and Lugoj, eight towns and 93 communes.

Timiș County has a gross domestic product (GDP) for 2020 of 50.27 billion lei, surpassed only by Bucharest (245 billion) according to the National Commission for Strategy and Forecast and the Ministry of Economy, contributing over 5% of GDP of Romania, having a developed economy and among the highest entrepreneurial rates in the country

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